Aleja Hertzler-McCain is NCR's Bertelsen Editorial Fellow, based in Mount Rainer, Maryland.

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LGBTQ+ Jesus crucified in 'Wonderfully Made'

The documentary “Wonderfully Made" aims to welcome "LGBTQ+ people to reconnect with the spiritual realm in a way that hopefully speaks to them by depicting Jesus as suffering with and for them."

Justice Alito gives inaugural lecture at Catholic University's new originalism project

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. on Sept. 27 gave the inaugural lecture for a new project on constitutional originalism at the Catholic University of America's law school.

Fresh off Inflation Reduction Act win, Catholic groups push to further environmental justice

After passage of a bill with historic investments in combating climate change, environmental advocates are now focusing on a proposed bill from Sen. Joe Manchin to streamline the permitting process for energy projects.

LGBTQ+ Catholics dealing with monkeypox worry about support from church

Many LGBTQ+ Catholics face challenges in finding support in their churches during another national public health crisis that disproportionately impacts men who have sex with men.