Time for a new approach toward North Korea, peace conference proposes

Participants at a Catholic-led conference on peace on the Korean Peninsula said it might be time to rethink how to engage with North Korea, because economic sanctions and displays of military strength have not deterred the country from aggressively pursuing a nuclear weapons development program.


Trust in God's compassion, tell him everything, pope says at Angelus

Those who take time to understand Jesus will find he loves them and wants what is best for them, Pope Francis said.

As poverty rises, Mexican parishes encourage neighbors to help neighbors

Jesuit Father Raul Vazquez always wanted to better include the marginalized barrios alongside a sewage canal, which, centuries earlier, had been named "Canal de la Compania" after the Society of Jesus.

Success in protecting ozone layer offers lessons for future, pope says

Decades of fruitful international cooperation on protecting the earth's ozone layer serve as an important lesson for guiding collaboration needed today, Pope Francis said.