St. Joseph Sr. Christine Schenk, an NCR board member, served urban families for 18 years as a nurse midwife before co-founding FutureChurch, where she served for 23 years. Her book Crispina and Her Sisters: Women and Authority in Early Christianity (Fortress, 2017) was awarded first place in History by the Catholic Press Association. She holds master's degrees in nursing and theology.

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Will laity be granted voice at next October's synod?

National synodal documents from around the world call for more lay inclusion in church decision-making, reports Sr. Christine Schenk. But will the process itself include laypeople in the deliberations?


Wise abortion public policy should deal with realities as well as moralities

While moral considerations are important in making individual decisions, a rigid moral approach has significant limitations. When considering legislation on abortion, there are additional facts to consider. 


At 50th anniversary of Vatican II lectionary, it's time to update texts and translations

Christine Schenk: "The rich Biblical resources about the role of women in the Old Testament, and especially in the early Christian communities, are still simply unknown," Ursuline Sr. Eileen Schuller said. She's right.


Gay Catholics refuse to give up on a church that too often gave up on them

Christine Schenk: If we are to ever emerge from Catholic polarization, it will be through dialogue, respect for differences, and the kind of nonviolent love practiced by New Ways Ministry and so many LGBTQ+ Catholics