The Catholic Church hasn't forgotten the people in Ukraine, prelates say

While the Vatican hopes for a diplomatic resolution, Catholic leaders cater to Ukrainian faithful on the ground.

Vatican astronomer praises beauty and potential of Webb space photos

The crisp images of the cosmos delivered by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope this week serve as "food for the human spirit," said the head of the Vatican Observatory.

This Pride Month, Catholic Church shows clear, if subtle, shifts toward LGBTQ welcome

From welcoming transgender women at the Vatican to promoting LGBTQ outreach around the world, some advocates say Pope Francis has created a space for inclusion without fear.

Pope Francis plans to remain pope 'for as long as God allows it,' bishops say

Archbishop Roque Paloschi of Porto Velho said the pope reassured him during a visit at the Vatican that despite the many challenges the pope faces, resigning "does not cross his mind."