A Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, Colleen Gibson is a writer whose work has been published in various periodicals, including America, Commonweal, and Give Us This Day. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and was a member of the founding ministry team of the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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Not too tidy: joy and holiness

Young Voices: The sacred spaces of our lives, after all, are spaces that have always just been waiting for us to enter. It is not our presence that sanctifies them. Each moment is holy. Our recognition of the Sacred in our midst, though, opens up a space to receive the sacred deep within us. 


A season of renewal, recovery, discovery

Global Sisters Report: The Lenten season is as much about repentance as it is about renewal. It is more about light than darkness, about lightening our load and reprioritizing our lives. Lent is about being real. And perhaps, that is exactly where we need to be.


Humility can be the key to moving forward

Young Voices: Humility gives us an opportunity to hold the reality of what is without having to make excuses or provide solutions. In that space, we are on the ground floor of what is. 


As we celebrate, we create communion

Young Voices: The temptation is to write off goodness and grace in the face of disfunction and discord. That, though, is when the power of communion, the presence of love, and the critical work of celebration are most needed.