David E. DeCosse is director of religious and Catholic ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Follow him on Twitter: @daviddecosse.

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Church teaching on the dignity of women changed my mind about criminalizing abortion

I have never doubted the right to life of the fetus. But I now see that also at stake in matters of law and abortion are women's full moral agency and their right to bodily integrity.

Book Review

'Healing Haunted Histories' outlines church's responsibility to address America's settler past

The U.S. Catholic Church should face our difficult past neither intent on saving national myths nor on vindicating postmodern identity theory. The essential inspiration should come from convictions of Christian faith.


What Howard Thurman can teach Catholics about responding to racism today

Commentary: Archbishop Gomez's speech criticizing social movements raises the question: Is Catholicism fit to respond to racism in the U.S.? Can we meet theologian Howard Thurman's demand for a credible Christianity?


What a burial service for 1,780 unclaimed dead tells us about dignity

Commentary: On Dec. 1 Los Angeles County held an annual service called the Burial of the Unclaimed Dead for 1,780 persons. The service sought to comfort the spirits of the abandoned and address a tangible failure: How could we let such abandonment happen?