Peter Daly is a retired priest of the Archdiocese of Washington. He served at various parish assignments for more than 30 years and continues to help in parishes. He is also a lawyer and who has worked with Catholic Charities on immigration. For more than 25 years he wrote a bi-weekly a column for Catholic News Service. He writes about living the faith while trying to be open to the world around us.

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Caring for José Luis: A priest learns that love is love

I haven't written anything for a long time because I have been busy as a caregiver. The last 18 months have been the "story of José Luis." It has been one of the most important chapters of my life.


Thank God for Pope Francis: Now, if only our culture war bishops would listen to him.

Fr. Peter Daly: What does the pope want from pastoral bishops? He wants dialogue, not condemnation. But what do we get from our "culture warrior" bishops in the U.S.? Calls for public condemnation of politicians.


Hurricane Katrina brought out the best in us

Disasters like Hurricanes Ida and Katrina are horrible, but they can have good results. They can bring us together. They can help us find our mission and meaning. They can break down the old barriers and establish new bonds.


Priests' group objects to 'camouflaged' use of Eucharist as a weapon

Priestly Diary: The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests issued a statement that objected "to any use of the Eucharist as a political weapon whether manifest or camouflaged." The operative word: "camouflaged."