Pushed online in pandemic, women of color find safe spaces for faith and healing

"There's really no space in the nonprofit world, racial justice world or the ministry world that is just for women of color."

Still recovering from Maria, Puerto Rico's Catholics assess Fiona's blow to church buildings

Hurricane Fiona, the latest storm to strike Puerto Rico, arrived as groups like Catholic Extension were still working to restore church buildings damaged by Hurricane Maria five years earlier.

These adoptees refuse to be Christian pro-life poster kids

Some adoptees are challenging the often-religious argument that adoption is a simple, sacred and mutually beneficial solution to abortion.

Colorado bishops 'weaponizing' Communion, Catholic lawmakers say

Catholic lawmakers in Colorado who have been asked by their bishops to voluntarily refrain from Communion say the church leaders are "weaponizing" the Eucharist to punish the legislators for their votes for an abortion rights bill.