Editorial: Time for more transparency in Vatican handling of sex abuse

We say: More transparency from the Vatican is the only way to heal after decades of this scourge of sex abuse and cover-up. Recent cases prove that now is the time for greater transparency and less secrecy.


Editorial: Using migrants as political pawns ignores their God-given human dignity

It's not hard to determine that using vulnerable people as objects to a political end is not consistent with Catholic teaching about humans' inherent dignity. We're talking to you, Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.

Editorial: Vatican's handling of allegations against Cardinal Ouellet is baffling

We say: Twenty years after abuse cases in the Boston Archdiocese shined a harsh light on the church's disgusting propensity to doubt sexual abuse victims and protect their abusers, have church leaders learned nothing at all?


Editorial: The Vatican acts on climate change, but US bishops dawdle

We say: It is clear through both words and actions that creation care is a priority of the Vatican and the leader of the Catholic Church. Yet, it continues to feel like the U.S. bishops have missed the memo.