Pushed online in pandemic, women of color find safe spaces for faith and healing

"There's really no space in the nonprofit world, racial justice world or the ministry world that is just for women of color."

How St. Louis churches are revealing the disparities in the air we breathe

New air quality sensors, a collaboration of a multifaith coalition and local scientists, are tracking harmful pollutants in the city where predominantly Black neighborhoods are disproportionately exposed.

Tribes ask US Supreme Court to hear case over destruction of sacred land in Oregon

Members of two Native American tribes are calling on the federal government to restore features of a sacred site that was bulldozed 14 years ago as part of a highway widening project near Mount Hood, Oregon.

They're taking their fight to the U.S. Supreme Court after their case was dismissed by two lower courts.

New poll finds 4 in 10 non-Catholic Latinos were once Catholic and left

A new NBC News/Telemundo poll focusing on the Latino electorate found that 41% of Latinos who do not currently claim Catholicism as their religion said they had previously been Catholic.