Shannon Evans is social media editor for National Catholic Reporter, Global Sisters Report and Earthbeat, and the author of Rewilding Motherhood: Your Path to an Empowered Feminine Spirituality and Embracing Weakness: The Unlikely Secret to Changing the World

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Bishop Cantú, theologian Cathleen Kaveny discuss McElroy's cardinalatial appointment

Watch: NCR columnist Michael Sean Winters sat down in Rome with San Jose Bishop Oscar Cantu and theologian Cathleen Kaveny to discuss the importance of Pope Francis' decision to promote McElroy to this esteemed position.


Returning motherhood to its original state as image bearers of an untamed God

Book excerpt: Could motherhood rewild itself into a healing and nourishing space in which to dwell? Dare I hope that if freed from the meddling of outside hands, my soul could be its own self-sustaining ecosystem?