Tia Noelle Pratt is director of mission engagement and strategic initiatives and courtesy assistant professor of sociology at Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

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Why Pew's new study on Black Catholicism is critical for US church leaders

I consulted with Pew researchers for their project on Black Catholicism. Here is why the new study is critical to national, diocesan and parish leaders in the U.S. church.

Netflix's 'The Chair' is a needed yet unrealistic depiction of academia

TV review: The series stars Sandra Oh as an English professor at an elite, New England institution, and begins on her first day as the chair of the department. For many academics of color, the show will feel almost viscerally familiar.


Following attempted coup, Biden administration must prioritize anti-racism work

Commentary: The Biden administration must tackle systemic racism with the same urgency we would apply to rescuing someone who is drowning — people of color are in immediate, daily danger.


'Lucifer' is a family drama exploring relationship between faith and reason

Review: As we follow the devil on an L.A. "vacation," a theology of self-actualization emerges. Unlike humans, Lucifer doesn't just believe God exists. He knows it. Consequently, the one-sided relationship uniquely pains him.