Hurricane Ian is affecting jobs, housing for many in Florida, not just coastal area

The post-Hurricane Ian landscape is expected to trigger housing, employment and other cost-of-living complications for the entire state and in particular on the Gulf Coast.

Head of Miami Catholic Charities helps coordinate statewide response to Ian

Catholic Charities is using its statewide network of hurricane and disaster response experience across Florida to help survivors in desperate situations following Hurricane Ian.

San Juan archbishop struggles with slow communications following Fiona

Archbishop Roberto González Nieves said he expected Catholic schools in the most affected areas to be closed for weeks and expressed concern for the hurricane's impact on the southern and western parts of the island.

Two Catholic universities among group sued over financial aid practices

The University of Notre Dame in Indiana and Georgetown University are among a group of some 16 private educational institutions named in a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to fix student financial aid distribution formulas among them.