Digital editions of National Catholic Reporter available via eNCR and Kindle

NCR offers two E-reader editions: a digital replica of our print edition and a Kindle edition available through Amazon. Both contain all articles found in the print edition that is published every other Friday.


The eNCR edition costs $52.95 a year for 26 issues and is aimed at readers who appreciate the look and feel of the print edition but want to move away from ink on paper. You can read eNCR on a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer. It enables readers to access past issues, to adjust the size of the font and to print individual articles or to share them via email or social media. eNCR is published in full color online and features everything the print edition does, including display and classified advertising. Subscribers to the print edition, which also costs $52.95 a year, can access eNCR at no extra charge. 

Kindle edition

The Kindle edition, for readers with Amazon Kindle devices or apps, costs $2.99 a month or $35.88 a year. It includes all the articles from NCR's print edition, but is published in black and white and does not replicate the layout and presentation of the print edition. It does not include advertising. The Kindle edition is delivered automatically to readers' Kindle device, and enables them to adjust font size and store back issues.  

Amazon sells, delivers and handles subscriptions to the Kindle edition. NCR Publishing Company is unable to provide complimentary Kindle or Reader subscriptions, even to NCR print subscribers, since Amazon handles the financial arrangements. A free two-week trial is available. Your NCR subscription will automatically continue at the end of the trial period at the regular subscription price. Payment is billed automatically to your credit card. All Kindle sales and support is through Amazon.

NCR is not available on the Nook or other e-readers. If you are a user of  an e-reader other than Kindled and would like to subscribe to NCR on your device, please send us an email to let us know.

Q. Why did you make NCR available as eNCR and the Kindle?
A. Many of our readers have requested that we do so.

Q. I read your website for free. Why should I pay for NCR?
A. Many readers tell us they appreciation the curation and presentation of NCR content in both the print and e-reader formats. Although includes all the latest news as well as archives of previously published articles, some readers appreciate a publication that has beginning and, on page 20, an end.  

Q. What are the advantages to reading NCR on an e-reader?
A. You can download the current issue of NCR on your e-reader instantly. Your device will store back issues of NCR for as long as you like. You can increase the font size for easier reading. Your e-reader has built-in tools including highlighting, note taking, bookmarks and sharing options to maximize your reading experience.