Small Earth Stories: Submit your story here

This is the place to submit stories about specific ways you're responding to climate change in day-to-day life, told with a photo and no more words than the 150 you’re reading here.

Your Small Earth Story might reflect that moment when you began eating differently, heating or cooling your home more carefully, travelling with a smaller carbon footprint. Maybe it’s the story of that difficult climate conversation at the family cookout. A change in your prayer life? An incident or insight that prompted you to press your elected representative to do more about climate change? You’ve abandoned  your garbage disposal in favor of composting? Tell us why. And how.

Readers appreciate stories with humor, a touch of transformation, perhaps a link to more info. Have you read those 100-word Tiny Love Stories in the New York Times? Think climate instead of love, with a 50-word bonus. Click here for examples.

Stories should be no more than 150 words.
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Files must be less than 2 MB.
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