Elisabeth Auvillain is a French freelance writer who lives in Paris, where she was born and raised. She started her career in London then lived in Austria, Switzerland, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Germany before coming back to France. She worked mainly as a correspondent for the French Catholic daily La Croix and for Radio France Internationale. She is married to American journalist and NCR contributor Tom Heneghan. 

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French election sees emergence of extreme right Catholic voters

The majority of French Catholics used to vote for moderate candidates, or center-right. Not anymore. Now they are much more split, and open to voting for candidates on what used to be considered the extreme right.

French priest, former Vatican adviser, to face church trial on abuse claims

The Paris Archdiocese confirmed that psychotherapist Msgr. Tony Anatrella, once an influential Vatican adviser on human sexuality, will face trial in a church court over accusations of sex abuse of male clients.

Vatican office admits silence about children of priests was a mistake

In a letter to the son of a priest, the head of the Vatican's historical office acknowledged that the Catholic Church erred over previous decades in keeping silent about priests fathering children.

Break the silence: French bishops start dialogue with children of priests

PARIS - For years, Anne-Marie Mariani and the group she founded, Enfants du Silence, have asked the church to recognize children of priests, many of whom felt illegitimate and were often rejected.