Tawanda Karombo is a journalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe, who specializes in sub-Saharan Africa, covering climate, environment, health, economics and all things Catholic in southern Africa. Contact him at tawakarombo@yahoo.co.uk and follow him on Twitter @tawakarombo.

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Amid inflation, Catholic ministries in southern Africa confront doing more with less

Economic challenges in southern Africa are disrupting the work of priests and other Catholic religious groups, forcing many to cancel or postpone crucial church programs.

With Catholic backing, African communities press against land grabs by global ag firms

Companies are turning African communal lands into commercial crop production fields, via controversial land deals. Communities are taking a stand, backed by Catholic bishops and development organizations.

Catholic hospitals struggle to aid Zimbabwe's collapsing health care system

Catholic-run hospitals in Zimbabwe face staff shortages and power outages as the country deals with high inflation. "We have to keep going to work even when the conditions are very difficult to keep working," one doctor said.

Church killings in Nigeria leave Catholics 'confused, afraid and sad'

After a gunmen killed about 40 parishioners during Mass at St. Francis Parish in Owo, the atmosphere across many Catholic parishes in Nigeria has transformed into one of fear and trepidation, priests told NCR.